Music for Life is a unique fundraising campaign directing 100% of all donations towards providing the gift of music to those who experience barriers in accessing and experiencing it. WAYO is committed to giving as many Western Australians as possible the lifelong benefit of music and we invite you to join us on this journey with a tax-deductible donation. With less than 17% of our funding coming from government sources, we rely on the generosity of our supporters to help us to sustain and evolve as an organisation, and do our best for the WA community.

Our Members represent a total of 127 suburbs across the Perth metropolitan region
Our Audience represent a total of 283 suburbs across Western Australia

Our 2020 Donors

WA Youth Orchestras would like to thank our generous donors who have played a vital part in supporting our activities.

Special thanks to the following who have made a significant donation in support of WA Youth Orchestras:
LJ & MI Collins

Our Donors

Symphony Supporters

Scherzo Supporters
Craig and Lyn Colvin
Morley Family
Ava-Mei Fok Lok
Butler Family
Robert Krause
William Wu Family
Anon x 2

Our Donors

Sonatina Supporters
Ellie Malonzo
Mr & Mrs Thomas
Rachel Clark
Mandi Fang
Brett & Cheryl Finlay
Angus Gerrard
Anthony Lee
Laura-Phoebe Liem
Emma MacBeth
Newman Family
Stephanie Nichols
Skellern Family
Chai Family
For the Love of Music
Tsai Family
Dino Valentini
Claire Wang
Georgia Nissen
Poppy Savage
Anon x 9