Peter Moore OAM has been presenting the WAYO Babies Proms over many decades

The Babies Proms Appeal will allow WAYO to manage ever-rising costs and cope with an increasingly difficult funding environment while maintaining a special targeted concert experience.

WA Youth Orchestras are very proud to have presented the Babies Proms for the past 30 years. As well as being an excellent avenue through with to introduce our young WA community to the wonders of the Orchestra, the Babies Proms continue to be an extremely important income stream for WAYO. Over the years the Babies Proms have helped support major projects for our ensembles through concerts, specialised tutoring, and international touring, as well as contribute significantly to the everyday running costs of WA Youth Orchestras.

WAYO is operating within an increasingly difficult funding environment. To cope with this we are facing a future decision to move the Babies Proms to a significantly larger venue. The Babies Proms Appeal will allow WAYO to manage ever-rising costs without moving to a larger venue and sacrificing this special targeted concert experience. It is our hope that with your help we will be able to maintain the same intimate concert experience that tens of thousands of past audiences have loved so much.


Though the Babies Proms will always have its focus on the engagement of our young audience members, this move will inevitably impact the intimacy and interactive quality of our shows, as well as the opportunity for one on one interaction with our Conductor and musicians (the highlight for many of our youngest concertgoers). WAYO would love to continue to produce these shows in a smaller venue, but we stand to lose a significant portion of financial support if we do so. WAYO is proud that we have managed to keep the Babies Proms an accessible show for WA families with our prices remaining at $10 – 14 for the last decade – the Babies Proms are still one of the highest quality events of this nature with a comparably low price point. We ask for your help in supporting the Babies Proms so that we may continue to grow and fulfil our potential in contributing to the WA arts community.



• 100% of any donation goes straight into the Babies Proms, not administration.
• WAYO use no professional fundraisers, consulting development staff, or third-party  fundraisers.
• Any donation of $2 or larger is tax deductible.
• WAYO is registered with the Australian Charities and Not for Profit Commission.


We understand not everyone is in a position to donate, and many of our patrons already support worthy charities like WAYO. If you cannot make a monetary donation, please consider helping us in the following ways:

♪ Like and follow WA Youth Orchestra on Facebook
♪ Invite your family friends to attend a Babies Proms
♪ For our Babies Proms graduates and families – attend a WAYO Perth Concert Hall Concert
♪ Consider making a bequest
♪ Rehome your forgotten instruments! Donate an instrument you are no longer using for a WAYO member to use.


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