For 40 years, WAYO has inspired young people to achieve excellence through a love of music, while also helping them develop skills of self esteem, discipline, teamwork, leadership and performance. As one of Australia’s leading and most comprehensive youth orchestra programs, with over 400 members from around Perth, South West WA and beyond, WAYO is committed to the long-term investment of helping our young musicians realize their potential and their dreams.

How we are run

Western Australian Youth Orchestras is a not-for-profit incorporated association and is directed by a volunteer board who meet bi-monthly. WAYO’s daily business is operated by a small and dedicated management team.

How we are funded

With less than 25% of our funding derived from government sources (the Department of Culture and the Arts), we rely on the generosity of our private and corporate supporters to help us continue providing excellent musical training and performance opportunities for young Western Australians.

How you can help

The Babies Proms continue to be an excellent avenue through with to introduce our young WA community to the wonders of the Orchestra. Through the years the Babies Proms have helped support major projects for our many ensembles though concerts, tutoring, and touring, as well as contributing significantly to the everyday running costs of WA Youth Orchestras.

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If you love music and want Australia’s future musicians to have the best training available, become part of the WAYO family and make a tangible difference to our work.

Donate now or contact us to discuss how you can leave a lasting gift.

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Involvement with WAYO is the start of a sustainable business relationship tailored to the needs and marketing aims of your business.

Email Executive Director Ben Burgess or contact the WAYO office for a confidential and obligation free discussion on how your business can partner with us and join our valued sponsors.

WA Youth Orchestras is a not-for-profit association. Every donation of $2 or more is tax deductible under Subdivision 30-BA of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997. ABN: 25 703 164 609