How to buy tickets to our concerts

Information varies from concert to concert and is dependent on the venue and, in some cases, the ensemble/s performing.

Perth Concert Hall Concerts

Tickets to ALL CONCERTS at the Perth Concert Hall can only be booked directly through the Perth Concert Hall.

  1. Online:
  2. By phone: 9231 9999
  3. In person: Visit Perth Concert Hall between 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday OR from 90 minutes before any evening performance.

When does WAYO perform at Perth Concert Hall?
All three WA Youth Orchestra main season concerts (May, July, & September)
End of year Ensembles concert (October)

Babies Proms 

All Babies Proms concerts are sold through Eventbrite.

Ensembles Showcase Concert 

Ensembles Showcase concert is sold through Eventbrite. Please click on the links below for the concert you wish to purchase tickets to.

Sinfonietta & Collegium 5:30pm – click here

Flute Choir & Philharmonic – click here